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“Defense is sometimes the best offense…”

Our Strategy

Our ability to help our clients realize their goals and aspirations is a direct function of having a strategy that is easily understood and consistently applied.

At Lighthouse Strategic Advisors, we use the STAR Method™ as a strategic success template to transform every client’s philosophical vision into tangible, measurable results.

As a universal tool for clients to discern dynamic execution, the STAR Method™, is based on four key criteria:

  • Systematic
    Without a system, success can only be based on good luck or good timing. We don’t believe in either. A sound, systematic approach is what drives the dynamic execution process that enables us to convert our client’s vision into tangible, measurable results.
  • Transparent
    Transparency illuminates the degree of value gained for the time, effort, and money invested. At Lighthouse Strategic Advisors, we have worked very hard to simplify and clarify the costs and benefits of important services. Our client relationships are built on interactions that are always open, honest and up-front.
  • Accountable
    Without accountability, good results are largely dependent on a high degree of hope. We don’t believe much in hope as strategy for success. What we do believe in is accountability. Specifically, accountability to you, our client. Through our process of dynamic execution, you will know duties are performed, deadlines are met, your team is responsible, value is produced, and your goals are achieved.
  • Realistic
    We know to maximize the likelihood of reaching your goals and achieving your ultimate vision, we must start from a foundation of realistic goals. We work very diligently with every client to cascade their vision into realistic goals. In turn, these goals are used to drive a set of tactical actions designed to yield the desired outcomes.

Strategically we also believe defense is sometimes the best offense. This is important in today’s highly volatile market. In the face of drastic downside market forces, we have the ability to take our clients out of the market to mitigate excessive exposure. On the tactical side, we also have the ability to rebalance and adjust all our client portfolios simultaneously. That way, our clients have the assurance market moves are executed in a timely fashion.