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Our Philosophy

The financial world is overpopulated by subjective, vague, philosophical theories masquerading as dependable business plans. What sets Lighthouse apart? Our philosophy drives our actions. Our clients enjoy an integrated holistic relationship grounded in comprehensive strategies rather than piecemeal transactions.

We know if you could manage your own portfolio, you would. A great CEO surrounds him or her-self with great people whose skill sets complement their own. We fulfill that role for you. Unlike firms that attempt to provide the entire range of financial services under one roof, we believe the best way to achieve your ultimate vision of success is to seek out experts who provide brilliant strategic execution in their specialized field. We leverage this specialized expertise to first, help you articulate your vision and goals, and second to distill these down to a written document. We regard this as a crucial step. It enforces a high level of clarity and becomes the foundation of the strategic plan we execute to help you realize your vision and goals. We then surround you with a team of professional advisors that understand your vision who will work collaboratively with your existing team of tax, insurance and legal professionals in pursuit of your goals

Many people believe that Macro Strategic Planning™ creator Bruce R. Wright was correct when he said, “The curse of wealth is complexity.” Complexity implies details become difficult to manage and sometimes key issues can be missed. We don’t believe it has to be that way. That’s why , every Lighthouse Strategic Advisors account over one-half million dollars has two advisors. We want every one of our clients in this situation to benefit from having a true team working on their portfolio. Just like two surgeons on an operating table, the two advisors collaborate on strategies and tactics that are in each client’s best interest. This team approach also affords a level of continuity and a built-in continuation plan. Our clients know that no matter what happens they can have a high degree of confidence in the team they have on-board. They know them. They know they can trust them.

We built our business model specifically to support our philosophy.
Accountable systems and processes that proactively deliver dynamic investment execution are at the core of everything we do. That is how we assure every client their investment plan is being executed according to their expectations, within their tolerance for risk and with full clarity and understanding.