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High Yield Bonds

When the Fed started Quantitative Easing in an effort to jump-start the economy by driving down interest rates they also forced the hands of income investors. With 10-year treasuries at less than 3%, CD’s at 1%, investors moved to High Yield Bonds (aka junk bonds)....

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What My Father’s Death Taught Me

My father passed away a couple of months ago and, even though it was a very difficult time, I learned some extremely valuable lessons. My sister and I had to deal with things that we weren’t prepared for: we had to notify family and close friends, make funeral...

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Your Goals, Your Benchmark

As an investor, you’ve grown accustomed to hearing about the different indices with which to compare your portfolio’s performance. You hear and read about the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, NASDAQ, interest rates and on and on. It’s easy to become confused...

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Optimizing Your Retirement Income

Retirement. That distant vision of finally stopping work and enjoying your Golden Years. It’s here (or really close).And it’s scary. There’s a myriad things that makes retirement a frightening reality including: What am I going to do to occupy my time? What will my...

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“What A Drag It Is…”

In the 1960’s, while still in their 20’s, The Rolling Stones sang “What a drag it is getting old” and The Who sang “I hope I die before I get old”.  When they first sang those songs, I’m sure neither group dreamed they’d still be performing on stage in their 70’s.  I...

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